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A threesome subliminally conjures wickedly delicious possibilities. But in this case the threesome was essentially just that: the trio who showed up. The lead on his bike as usual; me who managed the distance to the park after a back and forth with a half awake cabbie; and the third in pink and ear buds transported amidst CD license plates tacked onto retro carriage.


Do we walk? Do we run? Do we socialize? Or do we cruise? All that and more! The twosome run. I walk commiserating with my lonely soul, taking in the nooks and crannies, the bush, imagining the surveilled oblivious to biosensors unable to communicate in a common language but able to observe with a relentless gaze nonetheless.


The customary heart throttle over, we repair to a nearby restaurant. In this cavernous space we bond, explore social boundaries, take cultural stock, and try and keep an institution alive outside the bar, the night club, the chat room…a camaraderie with a tacit acknowledgment for the soul, the mind…beyond the pheromone-laden ass!


- Gaurav
Sat 15 May 2010


p.s.: Delhi FrontRunners THREESOME is a beautiful run \walk through 3 parks, hence the name.  Another blog piece about it:

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