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I had come early, and decided to make a loop before the group gathered. But I purposely cut through the center of the park rather than doing the perimeter route we usually take. At one point the path went into a tree covered area, nicely shaded, and barely visible from the outer edges of the park. While the area could hardly be described as secluded, it did not have the open feeling you get on most of the other paths. And there in the shade piled up on a couple of benches were more than a dozen young men.

They were not playing cards, or ball, nor were they drinking. In fact aside from some who were preening themselves and each other, none of them were doing anything other than striking poses and sitting casually watching...  They were not focused on conversation with each other. They were very much concentrating on the path in front of them and anybody who walked by-.

Compared to places one would find "money boys" in other Asian countries, this was a complete surprise. It's still a relatively public space. They were not aggressive, and nobody approached me as I walked by. But I'm also obviously a foreigner...

Was I imagining what was going on here? Could this just happen to be a group of young men who just were sitting together enjoying the shade in the park. It could be. -- But my gaydar needle was in the red zone; it appeared pretty obvious that they were there for business.
I didn't stop to talk to any of them; I might consider it next time. I was caught a little bit by surprise and as I was walking it took a few minutes to even register what I later concluded I had stumbled upon.

If you happen to find that place in the park, and if you happen to stop and have a chat or perhaps something more - tell us about it. I'm pretty certain this was not a cricket club taking a rest. But if you run into this group of young men preening in the shade of the big trees, and you don't just walk on by - I'd love to read your story...

- Sun 25 Apr 2010



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