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21 Feb 2010

Twenty minutes past our meeting time I wondered if anyone else will show up.  Should I just go home, I thought.  No.  No.  Don't.  You didn't run during the week even.  What a waste it would be if you returned without running today.  Thanks FrontRunners for getting me out of the house and getting me to the park, I wouldn't be so regular without you.  Barely one minute into my solo run, I was delighted to spot another FrontRunner.  His ankles weren't doing that great.  We decided to give them a rest.  We walked two rounds, that's more than 10 km between us.  Not bad for aching ankles, huh?  Then another FrontRunner showed up but very late - just when we'd finished (we were heading home actually).  Sorry about that.  We keep changing meeting time according to changing day light.  Information about exact meeting time and place is there in our weekly announcements.  Please take a good look before you come.  Thanks.

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