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18 Apr 2010

Despite the record breaking heat, four hearty souls showed up.

rapturous expedition renamed diversity

We called it EXPEDITION its first time, we are now calling it DIVERSITY. 

4 Apr 2010


first UNWIND


raptures raptures

On Sunday 7 March 2010 - a few of us daring souls responded to the call to adventure - the first frontrunner "expedition".

21 Feb 2010

Twenty minutes past our meeting time I wondered if anyone else will show up.  Should I just go home»

Tribute to Justice A. P. Shah

Dear Justice Shah

14 Feb 2010

This valentine's we did the THREESOME!  Yes, we did.  We only do it now and then.  Wish we could do it more often.  And if you're wondering, our THREESOME is a beautiful run \wa

7 Feb 2010

There were four of us today, of these one was a first timer.  But we hear he'd been practicing loads from before.  Eight to nine rounds collectively by all of us.  We ran and combine

Running like a girl..

Running Like A Girl: Sex-Stereotyping in the Olympics

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